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Introducing the innovative 

Launchit Watercraft Launching Aid 

- your key to effortlessly solo launching your marine craft. Be it a boat, jet ski or kayak you can keep your feet warm and dry!

How does it work?

Attach two Stainless Steel snap hooks for easily attaching Launchit between bow and trailer. Once secure slowly back your trailer into the water until your craft is floating.

Once afloat and clear of trailer, retrieve trailer out until your winch post is out of the water. Unclip Launchit from trailer and veer your boat to desired area by hand. Once boat is secure on shore or by dock, park trailer in allocated area. 

It's really as simple as that. For video instruction, please see YouTube videos on Flickitsports YouTube Channel.


Whether you have a kayak, jet ski, waterski-, bass- or pleasure craft, Launchit is designed to be universally compatible for craft up to 22ft. If it is safe to launch your boat, you can use the Launchit. 

Experience the joy of solo boat launching without getting your feet wet with the Launchit Boat Launching Aid.