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Made in the USA! Kistler Rods Z Bone Rod Series features 21 different fishing rod models that cover almost every fishing application and fishing technique, especially bass fishing.  Huge advancements in technology have helped the new Z Bone Rod Series to become 25% more sensitive, 25% lighter, 25% higher modulus, 25% more powerful, and 25% more durable.  This is the premiere fishing rod series that competitive tournament fishermen and serious recreational fishermen will instantly love and appreciate.  

The brand new, first of its kind, North Fork Composite LMX X-Ray Blanks are the structural foundation for the 2019 Z Bone fishing rods. It touts the highest strain to modulus ever created in a fishing rod, which means there is no other rod blank today that has the strength-to-weight ratio with increased sensitivity.  These three primary rod characteristics shine as a result of North Fork Composite and Trey Kistler innovation!  

All of these new features and the improved fishing rod performance create a truly balanced, lighter weight, more sensitive rod that simply will not let you down when you set the hook hard on a big fish in heavy cover. It also means you can feel the slightest bite on a windy day with finesse fishing tactics on slack line.

North Fork Composites and Kistler Rods improved the blank’s action and stiffness by increasing the overall carbon fiber count, which increases fishing rod sensitivity by 25% while it also decreases the overall weight by 25%.  This process creates a balanced, efficient, and highly effective fishing rod.

The Armor Resin that is used has a new generation hardener that makes the blank 25% more resistant to micro-fractures or bruise impacts from boat trolling motors, power poles, windshields, and more.

Z Bone blanks are never sanded. As a result the Z Bone Series boasts of a huge 25% increase in strength and durability.  

The Z Bone Series features critical components that prove assistive for all fishermen.  For example, Fuji (the famous Japanese fishing rod component maker) recently developed the all-new Torzite Ring with titanium-framed guides, along with the Brand New Flanged Torzite/Titanium tip top.  Both noticeably reduce fishing line friction, which rewards fishermen with smooth, long cast and silky retrieves.  This, too, allows fishermen to accurately sense and feel a lure’s movement and action as well as when a fish bites.  Additionally, focusing on the mid-portion of the Z Bone Series fishing rods, we chose running guides with stainless steel corrosion control frames that provide the most durable frame that includes the latest Silicon Carbide Rings (15% lighter than the previous guides).  All of these innovative components help us to create what we call the “Kistler Dynamic Guide Train System”The perfect combination of the smoothest semi-macro sized rings, lightest and strongest frames perfectly placed at the optimal placement on each graphite blank. “semi-conventional size rings“ best for leader knots

Kistler's Z Bone Rod Series is widely recognized for its innovative, durable, and lightweight characteristics.  Every rod that leaves the Kistler Rods factory are thoroughly tested for any blemishes or manufacturer issues. We are so confident in the strength and quality of each and every Zbone, so they are covered by our 5-year VIP Warranty Protection Plan.

ROD PROTECTORS INCLUDED with all Zbone rods!

Includes 5 Year VIP Proration Warranty!